It's been 30 years since our 'Weingut Gerhard and Brigitte Pittnauer' in Gols on Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland took over. With only 3.8 hectares of vineyards, which Gerhard had inherited from his parents, we took the proverbial leap into the deep end.

In 1998 we joined Pannobile - a well-known group of winegrowers from the region. Through the family dynamic and the lively exchange of opinions within Pannobile, we grew and increased the complexity of our wines.

The construction of the striking and individually designed production hall in the middle of the vineyards in 2001 enabled a "quantum leap" in terms of quality and quantity.

In 2006 we began converting to biodynamic viticulture - this is also when our winemaking shifted to an even more minimalist approach.

In 2007, together with other winemakers, we founded 'Respect' - an international group of leading biodynamic wineries.

Today our winery is one of the best natural wine producers in Austria.

In 2014 and 2016, we received the two highest awards in the Austrian wine world from the renowned wine magazines Falstaff and Gault Millau: The winegrower of the year

However, we don't rest on our laurels, but are constantly changing our style; this is not only noticeable in the wine itself, but also in the design.

In order to make a first-class natural wine, you not only need a different mindset than with classic wines, but also different skills.

We are constantly working on expanding these skills with a lot of diligence and courage and constantly increasing the level of our wines.