Where others are already getting cold feet, we are just getting going. In other words: Organic is the absolute minimum standard for us. Nothing goes underneath anyway. Above that comes Biodynamic for us and even more.

Not only because both are much better for the plants, crawling, flying, squirming and swearing creatures in our vineyards. But also because we feel more comfortable with it and the wine made in this way simply feels different. Yes "feels".

That is meant literally. Because wine always has an emotional component beyond what you can see, smell and taste. That's what you feel when you drink it. So you carry it within yourself and dance with yourself.

In addition, we attach great importance to the interpersonal component. So fair payment, appreciation, communication at eye level, consideration, caution and prudence among each other. From the boss (who we don't really have) to the smallest cog (which we don't actually have either).