Yes, it's called "Weingut" Pittnauer (mainly because our wine is good ;-). but we are not at all what it is made out to be. Nothing fancy. No Mickey. No SUV and no groove.

The truth is that we are very small and consist of little more than Gerhard the visionary, Brigitte the doer and half a handful of the loveliest employees and comrades-in-arms who hold us and everything together. Occasionally but not too often, also supported by our next generation.

This guarantees you that truly everything you buy, taste, get and enjoy from us is truly made by us and by us.

Conceived with your own head. Planted, tended, plowed, tended, cut short... Read by hand. Fermented, tasted, filled, labelled, packaged, stacked and, if you buy from us, handed over to you in-house. It doesn't get more personal than that. We're fully behind that.